We work in coordination with local, regional and state economic development organizations to benefit local businesses. Using our network of procurement experts, we assist companies with opportunity identification, proposal development and program execution.

Program Implementation

We help small businesses define opportunities by assessing their core competitive strengths. We then take those strengths and market them to shape opportunities.  Our relationships nationwide allow us to help businesses increase contract revenues, accelerate job growth and provide the state with a high return on investment. 

We resource our vast network of consultants to gather facts, develop rigorous analysis, and consult with small businesses to find and understand contracting opportunities. Our employees work with you to devise structured approaches to winning contracts. Once the contracting opportunity has been defined, we help develop a capture strategy, create a winning proposal, provide support through contract negotiations and assist with program execution.  

Shaping the economic development and your future

Government and private industries are challenging and ever changing. We work with your local businesses to provide the information and advice they need to develop compliant proposals.  

Our business development experts are at 35 locations nationwide, with a presence at all major government procurement centers.  Our employees provide the specific skills and in-depth industry experience needed to deliver customized one-on-one consulting. LSI’s assistance means new research grants, jobs, increased economic contribution and a competitive advantage for small businesses. Our business development consultants work with your team to assist your small businesses in competing for and winning contracts.