From July 2007 to June 2011, every $1 invested in one economic development program resulted in local companies being awarded $332 in government contracts. This created or retained 26,600 jobs.

Return on investment

We offer essential training for companies seeking sustainable revenue growth through capturing government contracts. LSI’s economic development programs improve the capabilities needed to win government contracts. Our experience, tools, and focus on business outcomes help clients meet the challenge of winning and standing up a government contract.  

Return on investment is easily measured through contract wins and business growth. LSI tracks and evaluates program progress, delivering reports that show the effects of the contract wins. From winning to executing, our team of business development consultants leverage current resources while augmenting your employee talent with industry experts. We deliver the program needed to ensure the economic development for your state.

Partnership Model
Through a partnership like the model shown below, LSI's services build on the effectiveness of existing state programs by integrating targeted services with ongoing activities to assist businesses in winning government contracts.