In today’s competitive federal market, capture planning is essential to solidify your position as the leading contender for securing an opportunity. LSI can provide a flexible and realistic approach to your capture needs and assist you with transitioning to the pre-proposal phase. Knowing what data and strategies need to transfer from the capture phase to the pre-proposal planning phase creates a much more customer focused proposal and solution.

LSI has a proven, repeatable capture process that guides capture managers in:

We know what information is needed to prepare for a winning proposal. Our capture planning process is customer and solution focused. In order to support your capture needs, we can provide various levels of support to include the following:

We are effective in working capture plans in coordination with your team or by assigning our own subject matter experts.  LSI can come in early, create a motivating environment, and ensure that you and your team have a better understanding about how to pursue and prepare for winning an opportunity.

LSI’s seasoned capture team also provides expertise in the following areas: Writer and Editors, SME Support, Price to Win, Color Team Reviews, Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Post-Award Analysis, Volume Management, and Past-Performance Management.

Why choose LSI?

If your capture managers need more knowledge on how to develop, lead, or implement your capture strategy, then LSI can partner with you and help them integrate new skills to capture your goals.

If you do not currently maintain effective capture plans, LSI can help build your team and develop a strategy that brings out the best in your company.

If you do not transition your capture intelligence into pre-proposal planning before a proposal comes out, LSI can give you full support from start to finish.

Listen to the LSI Behind the Win Podcast

The origins of capture within LSI and the business development sector, win rates, and how LSI helps our clients understand their customer needs. Then, how LSI has developed relationships with key decision makers around the world, building opportunity pipelines, and the difference between capture and proposal managers. 

Podcast Mic
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