International US Market Support

LSI, with over 50 years of experience, has a team of dedicated professionals to assist your business in successfully entering and thriving in the dynamic US market. With our in-depth knowledge of the US business landscape, regulatory environment, and contracting opportunities, we provide tailored solutions to help navigate the complexities of expanding your operations to the United States. From market research and strategy development to opportunity identification and cultural adaptation, our comprehensive services are designed to ensure a smooth and successful entry into this lucrative market. Let us be your trusted partner in unlocking the vast potential of the US market and achieving your business objectives.

US Market Environment – We can provide an overview of the US market landscape, including market research and analysis. LSI can identify target customer segments and demographics, analyzing competitors and market trends, and consider regulatory and legal aspects for international companies entering the US market.

US Market Entry Strategy – LSI can help set clear business objectives and goals for entry into the US market. We can help explore various market entry approaches, such as exporting, licensing, subcontracting, or joint ventures including identifying potential strategic partnerships and alliances.

Brand Awareness and Marketing – LSI can help create a strong US brand identity, tailoring your marketing messages to suit the US audience, and employing digital marketing and social media strategies.

Business Development – LSI can provide opportunity pipelines to identify, track, and nurture potential government and commercial business opportunities within the United States market. It involves a series of stages beginning with LSI tailoring a pipeline to your specific business strategies and capabilities and ending with conversion into successful business deals.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance – Using LSI’s legal support team can help cover essential aspects such as understanding US import and export laws, intellectual property protection, and trademark registration.

Cultural Awareness and Communication Skills – Understand US business culture and etiquette, implementing relationship-building strategies, and adapting to negotiation styles and practices prevalent in the US.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management – LSI can explain US shipping and customs procedures and assist with efficient supply chain management for US operations. This includes inventory and distribution logistics while ensuring compliance with US quality standards and certification requirements.

Continuous Growth – LSI can help your business analyze performance metrics to ensure continuous improvement. We can help you adapt to evolving market conditions and customer needs while staying updated on US market trends and regulations creating long-term sustainable growth strategies.

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