Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

What is SBIR?

The SBIR program is a grant-based federal application that provides small businesses with the funding opportunities to create and develop new, innovative technology that government entities could then utilize to further programs and initiatives. This funding is a grant – not a loan, meaning, that even if the research ends unsuccessfully, the money does not need to be repaid. Additionally, the intellectual property and materials developed during the research process can be kept by the owner; the government will not repossess it after the research has been completed.

Phases of SBIR

Phase 1 – $250,000 SBIR + $6,000 TABA Funding 

Phase 2 – $750,000 SBIR + $50,000 TABA Funding 

Phase 3 – Sole source funding, unlimited dollars  

The maximum allowable funding amount varies by agency. Most federal government agencies have a SBIR program (ex. HHS, DOD, VA, FEMA, DARPA, etc.) and applicants can apply for SBIRs in different agencies. Most agencies have multiple rounds for SBIRs every year. 

To apply for Phase 1 of the SBIR program, applicants must submit innovative ideas and preliminary research – not a product or idea that has already been created, thus referring to the “innovative” aspect of Small Business Innovation Research. Applicants must fall under Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1 through 3. If the idea or product falls above a level 3 TRL, applicants must fast-track to a Phase 2 SBIR. 

How LSI Can Tip the Scale and Improve pWin

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When you contract with LSI, your team gains access to decades of expertise and will increase your probability of winning a SBIR grant. LSI will provide the following services as your SBIR partner: 

  • Find the best SBIR for your team 
  • Target and interface with federal agencies 
  • Interpret government terminology  
  • Find the best SBIR for your team 
  • Write SBIRs  
  • Fast-track your ideas to Phase 2 
  • Be your TABA vendor 
  • Color team reviews, DTP, and MORE! 

Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) 

In the STTR program, your team partners with a university research lab to develop a product or technology. When funding is awarded, up to 49% of those fundings can be allocated to the university. After research with the university is completed, the product or technology must be commercialized and go to market. 

TABA Services

TABA or Technical and Business Assistance is a funding assistance program for SBIR and STTR participants. TABA funds are provided under the award of the SBIR/STTR governmental agency and is provided for the purpose of the awardee to receive funding for specialized business assistance. This funding is in addition to the funding provided from the SBIR/STTR program. TABA funding can only be used for TABA specific services and cannot be used to fund development of the product. Learn more about our TABA services HERE.

Why Hire LSI?

LSI can support Phase I – III SBIR/STTR participants. By becoming an LSI client, you will also have access to a portfolio of tools and a network of experts who offer winning strategies based on 50 years of proven success. For a consultation, please contact us below.

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