Workforce Development

LSI has developed an innovative model for economic development that shows immediate short-term successes and sustainable long-term results. This model uses the collaboration between LSI and Economic Development agencies, looking at both the job creation and placement elements of economic development, to provide a targeted, agile, solutions-based approach.

LSI works with public and private institutions (including higher education) to provide a trained workforce based on market demand. We create new jobs by assisting these institutions by capturing new workload in regional locations. LSI places individuals into the right position by creating demand for new jobs, working with institutions to prepare the individuals for the job requirements, and placing these individuals into jobs created by LSI’s business development team. LSI works with regions to develop successful markets (clusters) aligned with the area’s growth objectives and labor supply.

It is important to align the efforts and resources of businesses, labor, state government, educational institutions and others to:

Remediate skills gaps for industries where applicants are unable to meet entry level skills standards and performance expectations by entering into partnerships and consortia arrangements with business and education and training providers.

LSI has the capacity to enhance workforce development in several ways:

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