Practice Areas

Social Impact

LSI’s economic development and social impact practice areas focus first and foremost on creating jobs. We begin by specifically stating a goal for the number and type of jobs to be created. This is unusual amongst practitioners, but is the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients and the underpinning of our execution.  Equally important, LSI’s team seeks to be strategically invested with the community’s stakeholders to create not only jobs, but career-long pathways to break the cycles of intergenerational poverty, and never-ending social programs.  Our solutions are robust and designed to create opportunities within the reach of those seeking a bright and rewarding career solution.  LSI works with Federal, State, and Municipal entities, along with academia, nonprofits, and international organizations, to bring the vision, ingenuity, and expertise they seek. From the simple to the complex in economic development and social impact, LSI provides a solution development methodology that has become the hallmark of our work. With 50 years of experience, LSI has gained valuable insights into the dynamics that shape economic growth.

Job Creation

 LSI creates new jobs by assisting private and public entities capture new workload in regional locations.

Workforce Development

LSI works integratively with public and private institutions (including higher education) to provide a trained workforce based on market demand and helps with the placement of individuals.

Disenfranchised Communities

LSI provides demographic expertise for communities in need of jobs, sustainment, or government assistance.

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