Pipeline Development and Opportunity Identification

A strong pipeline can serve as a strategic road map, allowing your company to align potential opportunities with business growth. But what makes a pipeline successful? LSI finds the right opportunities quickly and efficiently which is crucial to building successful pipelines. 

  1. Identify Opportunities: The first phase of a federal contract pipeline involves searching for actionable opportunities in your target market with specific keywords. Once you’ve identified a contract you’re interested in, you need to gather as much information as possible for the next step.
  2. Qualify Opportunities: Without first understanding the opportunities you’ve identified; you’ll be bidding blindly on every job. You need to know which government agency is buying, what the contract asks for, specific compliance requirements/regulations and the necessary contact information.
  3. Connect and collaborate: Federal contracts are often large projects that require multiple parties working together. LSI can help you maintain contact with the agency and find potential partnering with another company, all of which can help your business build relationships, increase its win rate, and expand its network.
  4. Capture the contract: Capture managers come in to help strategize the best way to secure the contract. This requires reliable data on current market conditions, competitors, and the target agency. Most this information isn’t found on the web but through our vast network of agency contacts.
  5. Win: The final stage of a contract pipeline involves writing and submitting proposals, either alone or with a partner network, to win the deal. LSI has over 50 years’ experience in proposal management, let our team of experts help you win.

A common challenge many businesses face is knowing whether or not their company is qualified for a certain opportunity. Different federal agencies have specific compliance requirements and regulations that can be difficult to navigate. Understanding what the solicitation specifications are and determining if your business can accomplish what it asks are vital first steps in LSI’s contracting pipeline.


LSI has over 80 site consultants representatives in more than 18 states across the U.S., including the District of Columbia. Most representatives are retired GS-15/Senior Executive Service members and are officers who are active in their communities. These consultants form the core of one of LSI’s key differentiators, having the network and knowledge for better business development.

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