Inflation Reduction Act – Community Change Grants Program

By lsimarcom

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is launching the Community Change Grants program (Community Change Grants), which allocates around $2 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act for environmental and climate justice initiatives. These funds aim to benefit marginalized communities by supporting projects that reduce pollution, enhance climate resilience, and empower communities to address environmental challenges. The program, led by the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, will prioritize community-driven initiatives and seek input from stakeholders. The official Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is expected to drop this autumn with more application requirement details.


Entities eligible to apply for the Community Change Grants program are expected to fall into the following categories:

  1. A partnership between at least two community-based non-profit organizations (CBOs)
  2. A partnership involving a CBO and one of the following:
    • A federally-recognized tribe
    • A local government
    • An institution of higher education

Other organizations and entities may have the opportunity to participate in Community Change Grants projects as collaborating sub-recipients and/or procurement contractors, selected in accordance with competition requirements.

Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

The Community Change Grants program aims to provide comprehensive support for communities facing pollution, climate challenges, and disinvestment by emphasizing community-driven projects, fostering cross-sector collaborations, incorporating community input, unlocking additional resources for disinvested areas, prioritizing local priorities, offering technical assistance, and integrating innovative features. The grants cover activities such as climate resiliency, mitigating climate and health risks, community-led pollution monitoring, investments in sustainable technologies, workforce development for emission reduction, indoor toxics reduction, and facilitating engagement in public processes.

More Information

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