About Supply Chain

Our team can analyze your supply chain for weaknesses and minimize the potential of damage from future disruptions. An essential part of this process includes the science of source development. Whether navigating the Department of Defenses’ complex source approval process or helping your current commercial supply chain participants increase their execution capabilities and build out their supply chain partners, we have the expertise needed to bring your supply chain to the next level of optimization.


Our team of professionals is ready to help you develop the supply chain management plans to ensure critical material is available. With skilled experts in demand variation, MRP tools, metric establishment and tracking, and up-to-date industry knowledge, we are ready to help you change the way you plan your supply chain management and ensure you meet your customer’s demand.


LSI’s strategic sourcing team knows what it takes to ensure the delivery of the right product, at the right place, at the right price, at the right time, at the right quantity, at the right quality, and from the right supplier. With industry-leading strategic sourcing processes and tools, LSI can help change the way you do business.


LSI knows how challenging it is to develop the final product to the strict requirements demanded by today’s customers. Our team is prepared to help you control and improve your processes to ensure the final product exceeds your customers’ expectations. Whether establishing industry-leading processes for accepting raw materials, manufacturing products, or improving your quality control by building quality into all functions, we have the professionals available who can help you improve.

Delivery and Logistics

LSI can help protect your brand image, ensure you meet your customer expectations, and assist your team with making sure high-quality products are delivered to your customers as efficiently as possible. From the quality inspection processes to detailed shipping plans, we are ready to take your delivery efforts to the next level.


Many companies forget the importance of the return process. Our team is ready to help maximize the efficiency and value of your reverse logistics. With our subject matter experts by your side, you can ensure that the return process maintains focus on a positive customer experience.

Additional expertise includes, but is not limited to the following:

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The myths and fears of working with the federal government, how business development became an essential part of supply chain management, and the common passion of the work-fighter. Then, the shift of thinking in supply chains, the under-utilized yet critical component of source development, and building an overall supply chain strategy. 

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